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You Sakai, living in Yatsushiro city, Kumamoto prefecture (89 years old) / He is taking Royal Jelly for 5 years.


I got to know Mr. Shimize from Esprits co. in 5 years ago and I asked him to sell Royal Jelly for my health maintenance.

I keep on taking Royal Jelly and some medicines such as Calcium as for Osteoporosis and Natural Type N as for improvement of arthralgia by depending on my daily condition.

Now I’m very healthy because I could cure my Hypertension by taking Royal Jelly. I don’t need to go to hospital anymore (I was often going hospital in past).

After started taking Royal Jelly, my hair, it got greyed out and decreased from ages ago, is turning back black and increasing gradually. I’m very happy for it.

Now my age is 90, but I’m quite healthy. I often go for seminar, community meeting by train.

And I’m enjoying to learn a drawing-postcard, letter and Yoga everyday.

I quite don’t hope to live long, but I want to watch Tokyo Olympic if I’d live long.

I like to express my feeling through drawing-letters. Also I like to write on my diary.

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