Effects of Royal Jelly

As an effect of Royal Jelly, we expect that people can normalize own the autonomic nervous system to strengthen immune to be healthy.

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Effects of Royal Jelly


The gift of nature – Royal Jelly is beyond human understanding

Royal Jelly contains outstanding functions. As a view of western medicine, Royal Jelly works for normalize the autonomic nervous system, which is important to keep health better. Disorder of autonomic nervous system is caused by a lifestyle-related disease such as Hypertension, Hyperglycemia and Obesity. Royal Jelly, the gift of nature, is far beyond human understanding.

Prevention of type II diabetes, Improvement effect
Decenoic acid, to unique Royal Jelly, and fatty acids work like Insulin. They rev up metabolism and consequently the blood sugar level will be decreased. So we can expect to use Royal Jelly as alternative to Insulin, in any case, it is effective against type II diabetes.
Hyperlipemia, Antifat activity
Fat is absorbed into body after resolve into fatty acid by lipase. Royal Jelly makes pancreatic lipase slow to help absorption and we can expect that its function may improve hyperlipemia with high probability. This means Royal Jelly has a good effects to prevent Obesity.
antithrombogenic activity
According to recent study, decenoic acid, which is contained in Royal Jelly, blocks production of Thromboxane B2 in blood platelet. This means Royal Jelly can help to suppress the platelet aggregation to prevent from arterial clot, for prevention of Arteriosclerosis.
Improvement of hypertension (blood pressure regulation)
Angiotensin II (vasoconstrictor), which is made by kidney, is a cause of blood pressure elevation. Fatty acid in Royal Jelly blocks production of Angiotensin II, consequently lower the blood pressure as a result of its work.
Anticancer activity
Royal Jelly strengthen lymphocyte (includes NK cell), which kills cancer cell. It is known that mouse doesn't lose NK cells if it keeps on consuming Royal Jelly by past experiments on mouse.
Improvement effect to climacteric disorder
According to the result of experiment by using a rat, which lose own ovaries by surgery ( it is equivalent to human in menopause), By consuming Royal Jelly, people can improve own menopause trouble.