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I’m no longer anxious about my son’s health


Ryo Fujibayashi, living in Koshi city, Kumamoto prefecture (19 years old) / He is taking Royal Jelly over 10 years, and Espritnal PS for 3 years.


(This is the interview with Ms Tomoe, who is a mother of Ryo)

Ryo, who is my son, was diagnosed as a developmental disability when he was 7 years old. According to our doctor, Ryo also has Asperger’s syndrome, mild intelligential disability and autism. I’ve already known that he is something different from other children before the diagnostic. Ryo is bad at responding to unexpected things and communicate with people and he is used to get stressed easily. But I completely didn’t expected that he is disable. Me and my parents was shocked and got through difficult time after a while we knew he is disabled. It was tough for family, but I could accepted everything and decided to help him as possible as I can than ever.


The other day in the past, Ryo suffered for vomiting and it became traumatic event for him. Due to his anxiety disorder, Ryo often became sick and was afraid to get out from home since this traumatic event. My mom was taking Royal Jelly for over 20 years and she was sure that it is very good for health. So she gave a lot of Royal Jelly for Ryo after she heard about him.

After my mom gave Royal Jelly to Ryo, he came to like it and he always wants to keep it in stock. He kept taking Royal Jelly for many years.

By the result of taking Royal Jelly, he grew up healthy and now he is no longer anxious for his health. Last year he got a motorcycle license and he got a job in food corporation this year.

Now my son is on his own. He is working fine everyday and financially independent.

Now if I think about his life so far, we have been supported by many people and I’d like to say thank you for all.

Now I’m hoping, as a mother of him, he will find good partner who understand him and have a marriage someday.

Parents of Ms. Tomoe (Ryo’s mother) and Ryo.

“we are tied to each other with strong family bond”

Ryo with Ms. Tomoe

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