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To prevent from failing memory


Shigeko Yamanaka, living in Yatsushiro city, Kumamoto prefecture (83 years old) / She is taking Esprinal PS for 4 years.


My daughter worried about my forgetfulness with age and she recommended me to take Esprinal PS in 4 years ago.

Me and my husband, who is 86 years old, are living in a secluded village in which is very far from my daughter’s house.

I have a tight schedule for community activity, shopping, meeting with daughter. Since I started taking Exprinal PS, I’ve never forgotten my schedule and got troubles about my memory. Just for keep my health better, now me and my husband is taking Esprinal PS, Royal Jelly and Calcium everyday. I’m not sure exact reason but, I didn’t go to hospital since I started to take them.

My husband is stubborn to change his mind, as like an old men. So he often get trouble with people include me and my daughter.

But I’m sure that we are strongly tied to each other, and I hope we will enjoy own life from now on peacefully.

“I say “Thank you” to Royal Jelly as a charm, especially when I feel sick. You may feel it’s weird, but I get better myself when I do this.”

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