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Royal Jelly has saved my life twice


Kimiko Fukamizu, living in Hitoyoshi city, Kumamoto prefecture (80 years old) / She is taking Royal Jelly for 18 years.


My knee, which were injured when I was 50’s, got worse from three years ago.

The pain was such a terrible that I could’t work and the pain got worse day by day.

I decided to have a surgery in last year’s August, but then, I changed my mind and started taking Royal Jelly. I was still planning to have a surgery, but I thought if I’d have a surgery after I took Royal Jelly, I’d reduce a burden of surgery on me, perhaps.

This idea came up from my experience in past. When I had a surgery to cure abdominal incisional hernia for long time ago, the surgery was done with no pain and I could recover it very quickly. The point of this story is, I was taking a lot of Royal Jelly before I had a surgery.

Consequently, I recovered my knee completely after having a surgery.

My doctor and daughter were surprised because I recovered very quickly with no pain and stress.

Now I can walk by myself and I feel everyday is like comfortable than ever!

Simply I can say, I was saved my life twice by Royal Jelly.

I’m planning to have a surgery to cure other problem in body in this year, and I’m sure that I will take Royal Jelly again before surgery.

“After I started taking Royal Jelly, I didn’t get cold. And I also didn’t get spot on skin. You know how great it is?”

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