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I didn’t quite believe the effects of Royal Jelly, but…


Akie Matsumoto, living in Hitoyoshi city, Kumamoto prefecture (88 years old) / She is taking Royal Jelly for 8 years.


I started taking Royal Jelly from 8 years ago because I often got dizzy.

I was told that the dizziness could be occurred by nervous system’s disorder by an agent of Esprits co.

To be honest, I didn’t quite believe the effects of Royal Jelly before. But after I started Royal Jelly, I realised that my dizziness were gone.

I’m living alone now, so I do everything by myself, cooking, laundry, cleaning… And also, I do pull weeding and grow vegetables in my house garden. I’m not so young, but I feel my body works fine and I can move my own body with no problem. And also, I didn’t get cold in recent years. My neighbors are often surprised, and used to say like, “why are you so healthy?”.

Before I start taking Royal Jelly, I felt a little anxious about my health. But now, I don’t worry anymore!

Now I’m very active than ever and I feel like I’m very open-minded. I feel like I want to challenge something that I didn’t try yet. I’m living alone but I’m enjoying my life. I do have some hobbies such as Yusen, wearing Kimono, dyeing handkerchief, and also I love cooking.


Royal Jelly is very good for health, and this is why I gave a same one to my grandson as a present, in 3 years ago.

He was weak constitution before, but I heard that his constitution was positively changed and he attended school for 3 years without missing a day after he start taking Royal Jelly. Now he is going to high school and I’m looking forward to see him sometime soon.

I hope I’d keep my health from now on.

“I’m trying to feel interested for anything and enjoy it.”

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