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The story of my granddaughter


Kiyomi Kinoshita, living in Koshi city, Kumamoto prefecture.


My sister-in-law recommended me Royal Jelly in 2 years and half ago.

And I realized that it made me feel better, so I decided to give it to my granddaughter, who was suffering from illness.

My granddaughter was diagnosed as Nephrotic syndrome (kidney disease) when she was 2 years old. The doctor found her illness because her urine contained a lot of proteins and he said that she needs to stay hospital for at least 2-3 months for checkup and treatment.

Everyone around her was worried about her.

She was restricted to consume salt and exercise. While she was stayed in hospital, she had puncture from her neck for checkup and she suffered side effects from medicine. We feel very sorry that she has had terrible experiences since she was very young.

She got out of danger after she starts taking Royal Jelly.

Now she is going to elementary school and doctor diagnose her as no problem.

Even her urine has a lot of protein sometimes, the doctor told it’s okay because the value of Albumins from her is normal.

Now she don’t need to restrict her diet and could keep stamina to exercise.

My son’s family appreciated me because I gave Royal Jelly to her.

I hope she would keep her health more than ever from now on.



Kiyomi Kinoshita(right) with Mr. Nishimura(left) from Esprits co.






She is Rio, Kiyomi’s grand daughter.


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