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I’m looking forward to take Royal Jelly every morning


 “I’m back from illness”


Ms Fukue, living in Hitoyoshi city, Kumamoto prefecture


I was temporary bedridden in few years ago which is caused by unknown problem in body.

I remember that I couldn’t stand up by myself and my weight fell to 35 kilograms. It was terrible.

I’ve tried some supplements and electric therapies but they didn’t work. On the contrary, I got some rush so my doctor has forbidden me to those treatments.

Mr. Tsunematsu, from Esprits co., recommended Royal Jelly to me. He said Royal Jelly is good to improve health condition and I decided to try it.

When I started to take Royal Jelly, I also tried to decrease the amount of meal. I love eating, but I thought eating too much could be the cause of the problems.

As a result of it, I could cure my health problem and now I can walk by myself.


“I’m looking forward to take Royal Jelly every morning.”

Royal Jelly has given me clarity of thought and peaceful mind.

Now if I think about my life so far, I was working hard everyday.

My husband has supported me everyday, even I was at hard times.

He often said to me, “your happiness is my happiness”.

I have no words to thank him for his kindness… Love you!

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